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5 top tips for choosing your wedding flowers

5 top tips for choosing your wedding flowers


Seasonality – I would always recommend using blooms when they are in season. Although a lot of flowers are now available throughout the whole calendar there are still some that have seasonal restrictions. So it’s best to check which flowers will be available at the time of your wedding before you set your heart on particular bouquet. Some flowers which are usually seasonal such as peonies can be sought outside of their using blooming period, however the quality will not be same as during their peak so bear this in mind when envisioning your bouquet. Pictured below is a beautiful tulip bouquet perfect for a spring wedding.


Colour – when selecting the colours for your wedding flowers don’t be afraid to introduce different shades from your colour scheme or even introduce another colour. Often brides request the exact shade of the bridesmaids’ dresses for the flowers, however using the same colours can often end up looking quite bland. So I usually suggest using light and dark shades of a particular colour to add depth and texture to the overall look. Or introducing a different colour that will contrast against the bridesmaid’s dresses, but also compliments the overall colour scheme can look just as beautiful. Shown is a purple, lilac and ivory bouquet, the main colour was lilac. Also a red, ivory and blue bouquet where the main colour was red.


Mixing blooms – using different types of flowers in your bouquets can create a softer more textured look than having all the same type. Or if you have your heart set on one particular type of flower consider using it in a range of colours. Such as roses, which come in a huge variety of colours, which could be mixed with the smaller headed spray roses to get a more interesting look as shown below. Also an example of mixed flowers and textures which gives a fun look.

Focal flowers – weddings are normally the one occasion that you go all out with your flower choices, but when selecting some of the more expensive blooms such as orchids, hydrangea, peonies, calla lilies etc. it can be expensive to use these in every aspect of your flowers. So I would suggest using them as a focal flower and use other blooms to fill out with, especially in centrepieces, church pedestals, and other venue decoration. Pictured below is a stunning hydrangea bouquet with gypsophila detail, but just gyp was used as centrepieces.


Foliage – often foliage is an afterthought for a wedding bouquet, or not thought of at all. However, foliage is key in contributing to the finished look. For example, aspidistra leaves and steel grass would give your bouquet that modern edge, whereas ferns and ivy would create a natural woodland look. So it’s just as important to consider the greenery along with the flowers. two very different foliage styles shown below.


Here at Oopsie Daisy Flowers & Gifts we specialise in creating beautiful wedding bouquet and venue flowers that suit your personality and budget. To book your free consultation for a free no obligation quote please call 01228 317270 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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