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Enhancing Interiors with Flowers for a Property Photo Shoot

Enhancing Interiors with Flowers for a Property Photo Shoot

I was interviewed by Debbie Whitfield www.creativepropertyshots.wordpress.com/about-me about how flower arrangements could be used to enhance interiors for a property photo shoot. Debbie is a professional property photographer based in Cumbria with qualifications in Interior Design, Art and Photography, so property photography brings all her interests and expertise into one vocation. Debbie's  photography can empower advertising of any property to its full potential whether a premises is for rent, resale, commerce or retail.

 Could you describe how flower arrangements could be used to enhance the particularly style of a property for a property photo shoot?

 A floral arrangement displayed for a photo shoot can enhance the style of the property if you choose the right flowers and display in the best way possible for that property. For example a contemporary apartment could display a modern linear display using strong bold flowers like gerberas and calla lilies to give the room that extra edge and style. Whereas a country cottage would need something completely different. Perhaps a vintage jug to display garden roses with other wild looking flowers mixed with various foliage for a natural look which will emphasise the properties surroundings.

 How can flowers be used to create a focal point in a particular room for property photography?

 Creating a focal point in a room is crucial for a photo shoot and a floral arrangement will help to achieve this. Placing flowers on a dining room table will draw the eye to this therefore creating a focal point. This can be very useful in rooms that often get over looked such as an entrance hall - flowers will add interest and give people something to focus on.


 Could you describe how floral arrangements could be used to enhance the colour scheme of a room for an interior photo shoot?

 When choosing a floral arrangement for a room the colours are very important. I would always choose colours that compliment the rooms existing palette. In order to enhance the colour scheme choosing the secondary colour as the main feature of the flowers. For example if a room is decorated with mainly cream with a hint of pink, I would use pink for as the main colour for the arrangement to highlight this. However if a room in decorated quite neutrally flowers can be used to inject colour into the room to enhance it.



 Can you explain the importance of keeping a sense of proportion in a floral arrangement bearing in mind the size of a room when staging a property for a photo shoot?

 Proportion is also vital when selecting a floral arrangement. The size of the room must be taken into consideration when deciding how big the display should be. For example in a large formal dining room of a country house a larger arrangement would be fitting. A small arrangement in a large room won't make an impact so is therefore pointless. However a large display in a small room can often be over bearing and spoil the room. Ceiling height should also be considered. Tall arrangements are best suited to high ceilings and naturally low ceilings demand lower arrangements.

You can find out more about Debbie's Property Photography on her website www.creativepropertyshots.wordpress.com

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