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St. Valentine's Day


Now that January is over....(finally!) it means one thing for us florists - Valentine's Day!! In under 2 weeks time we will celebrate the day dedicated to love and romance, one of the busiest times of year in the floral calendar. Traditionally the day was to honour the early martyr and a feast day was established in 496AD.

Over the years it became synonymous with romance and love and in 18th century England it grew into an occasion for couples to exchange gifts, flowers and cards. Since the 19th century hand-written cards have mostly been replaced by mass produced printed cards thanks to the industrial revolution. 

Red roses have became a popular symbol of love - red is usually the colour often associated with declarations of love and passion and the rose itself was identified as the flower of the goddesses of love - Aphrodite and Venus by the Ancient Greeks. 

Valentine's by Oopsie Daisy 

This will be the 7th Valentine's day for Oopsie Daisy and as usual  there are some new products along side the traditional offerings! Over the years we've seen a shift in those ordering and receiving flowers and gifts. Flowers get sent between friends and family as well as couples! Which is great that all types of love are being honoured. So now would be the time to start dropping some hints! Or you could just order yourself the perfect combination of flowers and chocolates!

Not just flowers.... 

We get lots of orders for our ever-popular chocolate bouquets - which have been given a lovey-dovey makeover! Plus you can add balloons, teddies and chocolates to your delivery, or choose one of our gift combinations!

We get super busy every year, so it's best to get your orders in as early as possible. Although most men leave it until the last minute! Order here on the website for delivery in Carlisle and surrounding ares, it's easy-peasy!

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