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Reducing Plastic

Eco-friendly flowers

Reducing the amount of plastic Oopsie Daisy Flowers uses is very important to me. In the floristry industry bouquets are traditionally wrapped in cellophane, which ultimately ends up in your bin, and then onto landfill sites – which we all know is catastrophic for the environment.

The media has made us all aware of that the amount of plastic being produced which is causing irreparable damage to the earth. I think each and everyone of us needs to consider this and how if each of us does our bit, hopefully we can help reduce the amount of waste. 

I have made changes personally such as reusable shopping bags, getting my milk delivered in glass returnable bottles and buying loose fruit and veg where possible.

I then decided to look at my business and see where changes could be made there too. The key points I have decided to implement straightaway are;

  • 1.  I will not buy anymore cellophane to wrap my bouquets in.
  • 2.  As my cellophane is used up(I still have some to use) I will replace it with kraft paper rolls or Super-eco biodegradable cellophane
  • 3.  Chocolate and sweetie bouquets will no longer use any cellophane whatsoever, instead only tissue paper
  • 4.  I will not use cellophane as packaging in the bottom of any of my gift hampers, instead a paper or straw alternative will be used. 

I think this is a good foundation to start with and in the future I will continue to re-evaluate my options and make changes where necessary. Luckily the floristry industry recognises the problems and now offer lots of lovely eco-friendly alternatives which means delivering gorgeous flowers that are beautifully presented is still just as easy BUT is much better for the environment! 

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