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Top tips to make your flowers last longer!


We all love receiving flowers, don't we? Or treating ourselves from time to time to a fresh flower bouquet, but do you know the best way to make sure your flowers last as long as possible.

Here are some simple yet essential tips for ensuring the longevity of your flowers. By following these easy steps every time you have a bunch you'll definitely get the best out of your blooms! 

  • Select a suitable sized vase for the amount and length of the flowers – they don't like to be too squashed at the neck of the container. Once you have chosen it must be cleaned with soapy water - bacteria is a flowers worst nightmare!

  • Once you unwrap your flowers cut the stems to size, ensuring you do this at a 45 degree angle, as this will expose more of the stem and water uptake will be at its maximum.
  • All of Oopsie Daisy Flowers' bouquets come with complimentary flower food sachet. Add the flower food to the specified amount of water and add to the vase, this will really help preserve your blooms.

  • Before placing your flowers in the vase, make sure there are no leaves on the stems that will be below the water line, this will keep the water cleaner for longer and stop the stems from becoming slimy, yuk! 
  • Now you have expertly arranged your flowers, it's time to find a suitable place for your vase - out of direct sunlight is always best. Somewhere cool and shady (away from heat sources) will help them to last longer. Also don't place them near fruit as they produce ethylene gas which speeds up the decomposition process of flowers.
  • Replace the water in the vase every couple of days, ensuring you wash the vase with soap and water to disperse of any lingering bacteria. In warmer weather do this every day!
  • As some of your flowers finish blooming remove them from the vase so they don't decay the flowers that are still in bloom. Remove brown petals and deadheads.

By following these easy guidelines your flowers will last longer every time! If you buy from your local florist such as Oopsie Daisy Flowers & Gifts, your flowers will have been expertly cared for and conditioned before you buy them!


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